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It’s estimated that up to 15,000,000 thunderstorms occur on Earth each year, and about 2000 thunderstorms are active all the time.

A thunderstorm develops when the densely cold air is supplied to moist air, which is less dense. A trigger like solar heating, frontal weather or the growing terrain causes warm moist air to begin to grow in the cold air. Air currents develop and heat energy stored in the air and water vapor becomes wind and electricity.

The weather conditions necessary for the formation of storms are the most common in the lower latitudes. This can explain why in South America and Africa are the most susceptible to stormy continents and why in Central Africa and Indonesia has long been considered to be the highest level of thunderstorm activity in the world. However, thunderstorms occur in many other parts of the world.

Two characteristics of a thunderstorm, which are clearly evident for all thunder and lightning. But what causes this spectacular, often frightening phenomenon? Lightning only release occurs when the differences in electrical charges in two places are large enough to overcome the air-insulating effect. It can happen in a cloud, between clouds or between clouds and earth. Lightning causes the air to heat up briefly incredibly high temperatures, as high as 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit [30,000 C] at the time of the impact released its electric charge.

Lightning causes harm to living things, even death or injuries to humans and animals. People of beaches and golf courses and open in rural areas are at greater risk because they are not protected from the electrical charge.

Lightning strikes started a lot of fires. They can devastate large tracts of land. Lightning causes about 10% of forest fires in the US. This has led to the burning of more than 35 percent of the total forest and Bushland is burned in that country.

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