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An airplane ticket, bus ticket, or train ticket is a voucher that states that an individual is entitled to entry to an event or facility such as a theatre, amusement park, or tourist destination, or has a right to travel on a vehicle. A ticket is usually paid for, although it can sometimes be given out for free. A ticket might simply be used to prove entitlement or make a reservation. A ticket may be good for any seat or one in particular.

Members of the public can purchase tickets at a box office, often known as a ticket window or counter in the entertainment business (this word is also used for total revenues), or online or over the phone in some situations. It’s possible that the ticket check may be found at the box office, but it’s also possible that it could be found elsewhere. Resellers, who are often business entities that acquire tickets in bulk and resell them to members of the public for a fee, may also have tickets available; customers buy through resellers for convenience and availability. The convenience aspect refers to the ability to purchase tickets locally and make other choices on the spot if the desired concert is not available. The availability factor refers to the possibility that all tickets at the box office have been sold out, forcing the buyer to either buy tickets from a reseller or skip the event (or at least not see the particular performance of choice).

For certain bus or train trips, both free and assigned seats may be offered, with the reserved seat often costing more. A customer holding a free sitting ticket on a bus or train may be forced to stand on various modes of transportation. In an arena, movie, or theatre, on the other hand, a free seating ticket guarantees a seat, but not a specific one.


In most cases, paper or card is utilized, however for added durability, plastic may be used instead. Some tickets contain a barcode or magnetic stripe that stores minimal data; higher-end tickets have chips that store more data and prevent counterfeiting.

A paper ticket is frequently perforated so that it may be divided into two portions, one for the consumer (the ticket stub) and one for the ticket controller. It is merely a question of whether or not a customer’s ticket stub may be used to depart and return. It may not be allowed to avoid simultaneous use of one ticket by giving the ticket to someone before the ticket check (if this is physically possible), but it may be allowed, for example, in a movie theater, to allow the stub holder to use the facilities (restroom, telephonewater fountain) or buy a snack or drink during the movie before the ticket check and reentry.

A ticket can be printed ahead of time, or partially or entirely printed when it is issued, or it can be a printed form that is filled out by hand (e.g., by a train conductor who does not carry a ticket machine, but just a supply of forms and a pen).

At high-priced concerts and other events, counterfeit tickets are an issue, hence holograms are used on tickets for the FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, Super Bowl, and other high-profile events.

Passing back a ticket is a fraudulent behavior that may be avoided by converting the ticket into a tamper-proof wristband.

When paying for admission online, you may be given a number or a ticket that you may print or present on your phone to be scanned or confirmed by the ticket taker. It is ensured that other parties do not use the same right of entrance on the grounds.

Authentic-looking but bogus ticket websites have grown common, collecting clients’ money but not delivering the tickets, most notably during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (through websites not based in China).

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