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Below are the 5 simple ways to save tigers.

1. Creating Awareness

Anyone and everyone can help, if they put their mind into it. So, posters, leaflets, shout it from the top of the roof, spread the word; In other words, to enhance the importance of tigers on the planet to create awareness.

2. Educate the locals

People living near forests should be aware of the importance of tigers in terms of the ecosystem. They should keep in mind that if there are no tigers there will be no forests, as all herbivores will devour the forests.

3. Stop poaching and don’t encourage poachers


Selling tiger skins and other body parts is prohibited. So if you find someone who is hunting tigers, report them to the local police station or forestry workers. They will take care of the poachers.

4. Severe punishment for poachers

Make sure that the poachers are not allowed to go easily. Make sure they get a severe punishment for his crime.

5. Prohibition goods made of tiger skin

Do not use products that are made from tiger skin. In addition, do not use medicine made from tiger body parts. On average, the wild tiger is killed every day for profits.

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