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The tilde (˜ or ~,) is a grapheme with a variety of applications. The character’s name was adapted from Spanish and Portuguese, which were derived from the Latin titulus, which meant “title” or “superscription.” Its principal function is as a diacritic (accent) in connection with a base letter, although it is often employed in freestanding form in a number of contexts for historical reasons.

When used with caps, the tilde was originally written over a deleted letter or multiple characters as a scribal abbreviation, or “mark of suspension” and “mark of contraction.” As a result, Anno Domini was sometimes reduced to Ao Di, with a raised terminal and a suspension mark put over the “n.” A mark like this might indicate the deletion of one or more letters. This reduced the cost of the scribe’s time as well as the cost of vellum and ink. The majority of truncated words with suspension marks and other abbreviations appear in medieval European charters written in Latin; only infrequent terms were provided in full.

The language in the Domesday Book of 1086, for example, relating to the manor of Molland in Devon (as seen in the next image), is heavily shortened, as evidenced by several tildes.

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