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Tomb Raider, also known as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider from 2001 and 2008, is a media brand that began with a British gaming firm, Core Design’s action-adventure video game series. The franchise follows fictional British archaeologist Lara Croft as she travels around the world searching for lost artifacts and infiltrating dangerous tombs and ruins.

The franchise follows fictional British archaeologist Lara Croft as she travels around the world in search of lost artifacts and infiltrating dangerous tombs and ruins. Common game mechanics are exploring environments, solving puzzles, traversing dangerous situations packed with traps, and fighting adversaries. Additional material for the franchise has been created in film adaptations, comic books, and novels.

The first video game, Tomb Raider, began development in 1994 and was published in October 1996. Because of its critical and financial success, Core Design decided to create a new game every year for the following four years, putting pressure on employees. The sixth game, The Angel of Darkness, had production issues and was deemed a flop when released.

As a result, Eidos handed over development to Crystal Dynamics, who has been the series’ principal developer ever since. Other developers have worked on spin-off games and ports of core games.

Over 81 million copies of the Tomb Raider games have been sold globally. The series has received mostly positive reviews and is regarded as one of the first in the action-adventure genre. Lara Croft has earned honors and spots on the Walk of Game and Guinness World Records, making her one of the most recognizable video game characters. She has been the topic of controversy due to her sex appeal being utilized for marketing and being hailed for pioneering female characters in video games.


Core Design, a British video game development firm owned by Eidos Interactive, created six Tomb Raider titles. Following the lackluster response of the series’ sixth installment in 2003, production was outsourced to Crystal Dynamics, an American firm that has handled the main series since. Other developers have helped with the porting of core games or the production of spin-off titles since 2001.

The first installment of the Tomb Raider series was published in 1996 for PCs, PlayStations, and Sega Saturn systems. In 1997, the Saturn and PlayStation versions of the game were launched in Japan. Tomb Raider II, the sequel, was released in 1997 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation.

Eidos and Sony Computer Entertainment reached an agreement a month before the game’s release to keep the console version of Tomb Raider II and subsequent titles exclusive to PlayStation until 2000. In Japan, the PlayStation version was published in 1998. In 1998, Tomb Raider III was released.

The PlayStation version, like Tomb Raider II, was published in Japan the following year. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, the series’ fourth installment, was published in 1999. The game was also published for the Dreamcast in 2000, following the conclusion of the PlayStation exclusive contract. Both console versions were released the next year in Japan. Tomb Raider Chronicles was published on the same platforms as The Last Revelation in 2000, with the PlayStation version arriving the following year in Japan.

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