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Every workforce requires “worker bees” who arrive on time, follow directions properly, do tasks correctly, and keep the work moving. You must find and cultivate those people who have that extra something to help your company thrive. Concentrate on a select few who consistently go above and above the job description, demonstrating innovative thinking and leadership potential.

Here are a few characteristics that top performers have in common:

Quality As Job One

Quality is more important to top performers than merely getting things done. They won’t be happy unless your clients and consumers are praising you.

Skills Development

The best want to enhance their abilities so they can help the firm thrive, thus they search for opportunities to learn and grow themselves.

Fearless Decision-Making

When it’s time to make a choice, natural leaders stand up. They aren’t scared to make mistakes in order to find new solutions (provided you’ve built this freedom and trust as part of your corporate culture).


Desire For Input

High performers recognize that in order to improve, they must first grasp what is required of them and how they are performing. Supervisors’ regular comments motivates them to come up with fresh ideas and find ways to assist the company.


Employees who do well are more likely to conduct their own research and devote more time to projects than those who perform poorly. They are self-motivated and take on new tasks and projects on their own. They look for people in the organization who can help them achieve their goals and advance to the next level by giving them the power and expertise they need.

Cool Under Pressure

Top performers who are confident are able to calmly examine events and solve difficulties, even when a deadline is looming. They know when to make concessions and when to keep to their convictions.

Good People Skills

Professional networks of high performers are often bigger than those of normal workers. They understand that “who you know” may help them grow in their careers. They’ll reach out to their contacts both within and outside the firm for simple advice on how to solve a problem or for general assistance. They don’t have to be extroverts who throw parties, but they do recognize the need of cultivating business connections.

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