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The tornado is a strong, shaking whirlwind of swirling winds, sometimes filled with debris, which destroys everything in its path. Every year hundreds of people die by tornado. They are one of the most violent and unpredictable forces in nature that can often strike without warning innocent people.

Tornadoes are found in many parts of the world, but they are found most commonly in the spring and summer months in the Central Plains of the United States. In the middle of the year, eight hundred tornadoes were recorded, eighty people deaths and almost 1500 injuries.


These super cell thunderstorms are caused by a unique combination of cold air from the north, warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to the south and dry air from the desert to the southwest. Sustained by strong winds, these compounds can form thunderstorms, which can cause a tornado.

A tornado warning is a alert provided by meteorological services (weather forecaster) to notify areas where a tornado or funnel cloud has been detected, or their radars show signs of a possible tornado. Warnings are transmitted on television, radio and sirens.

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