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Most people are interested in reading about the turtle facts, which deal with various aspects of the life of this animal. We all know that tortoise growth depends on the availability of food. This is the reason why most of the tortoise are always on the look out for more food. Tortoise can be herbivores and omnivores. They eat not only grass and other forms of vegetation, but they also love to look for live prey and carrion.

Like any other creature, tortoise need calcium to build bones, and they also need a lot of vitamins and proteins so that they remain healthy. This claim is based on getting the vitamins from sunlight and calcium, proteins, etc., they eat food. Tortoise are considered a bit lazy animals. They do not go on the hunt for prey. These tortoise, that eat insects and other small animals, waiting for them to come closer, so they can immediately take them.


Most species of tortoise are herbivorous diet who eat grass, weeds, flowers, leafy vegetables and fruits. Tortoises, as a rule, have a life expectancy similar to the duration of human life, although some species of tortoise, like a giant turtle is known to lived upto 150 years.

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