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A tourist attraction is an place of interest visited by tourists, usually for its inherent or open natural or cultural value, historical significance, natural or man-made beauty, offering leisure, amusement and entertainment.

Places of natural beauty such as beaches, tropical island resorts, national parks, mountains, deserts, and forests are examples of traditional tourist attractions that people can visit. Cultural tourist attractions can include historic sites, monuments, ancient temples, zoos, aquariums, museums and art galleries, botanical gardens, buildings and structures (e.g., forts, castles, libraries, former prisons, skyscrapers, bridges), theme parks, carnivals living history museums, public art (sculptures, statues, murals), signs, communities of ethnic enclaves, historic trains, and cultural events. Factory tours, industrial heritage, creative arts, and crafts workshops are the object of cultural niches such as industrial tourism and creative tourism. Many tourist attractions are also landmarks.

Tourist attractions have also been created to take advantage of legends such as the alleged UFO crash site near Roswell, New Mexico, and the alleged sighting of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. Ghost sightings also attract the attention of tourists.


Ethnic communities can become tourist attractions such as Chinatown in the United States and black British neighbourhood of Brixton in London, England, United Kingdom, Europe.

In the United States, amusement ride owners and sellers advertise them on billboards on the side of highways and roads, especially in remote areas. Tourist attractions often distribute free promotional brochures be displayed in rest areas, information centers, fast food restaurants, motel rooms, or lobbies.

While some tourist attractions offer visitors an unforgettable experience for a reasonable admission fee or even free, others may be of poor quality and overestimate their goods and services (such as entrance, food, and souvenirs) in order to gain excessively from tourists. Such places are commonly referred to as tourist traps.

A tourist destination is a city, town, or other areas that are heavily dependent on tourism revenue, or “a country, state, region, city or town that is being sold or marketed as a tourist destination.” It may contain one or more tourist attractions and possibly some tourist traps. For example, the Fátima town is a popular tourist destination in Portugal. Siem Reap is a popular tourist destination in Cambodia, mainly due to its proximity to the temples of Angkor. The Loire valley, the third tourist destination in France, is a good example of a region offered on the market and known as a tourist destination, known mainly for the Châteaux of the Loire valley.

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