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A towel is an absorbent piece of cloth or paper that is used to dry or wipe a person or a surface. It absorbs moisture from the air by making direct contact.

Fabric towels are used in households in a variety of ways, including hand towels, bath towels, bathrobes, and kitchen towels. Beach towels are used at the beach.

Paper towels are given via a dispenser in business or office bathrooms for users to dry their hands. They are used for wiping, cleaning, and drying chores that are little, precise, or extremely filthy in the home.

“…closely clutched personal goods included the ever-present knife and a towel,” according to Middle Ages archaeological research. However, in the 17th century, the city of Bursa, Turkey, is often credited with the development of the towel.

These Turkish towels started as a pestamel, a flat, woven piece of cotton or linen typically hand-embroidered. Pestamel was originally rather thin, but has now become broader, measuring 90 by 170 centimetres (35 x 67 in). Pestamel was used in Turkish baths because it was light and absorbent when wet.

The use of the towel increased in tandem with the Ottoman Empire. Weavers were requested to embroider increasingly intricate motifs, which they were able to do because of their carpet-weaving experience. Towels began to have loops coming out from the pile of the cloth during the 18th century.

These looped towels were dubbed havly, which evolved into havlu, the Turkish term for towel, which meaning “with loops.” With the cotton trade and industrialisation in the 19th century, towels became more inexpensive. Cotton terry-towelling became accessible by the yard as well as pre-made towels as a result of automation.


Towels are now available in a wide range of sizes, materials, and patterns. To discourage theft, several hotels that supply towels and bathrobes include washable RFID chips in their linens.

When the body is wet, such as after bathing or showering, a bath towel is used to dry it. It’s usually rectangular and made of terry fabric, with a normal dimension of 30 in x 60 in (76 cm x 152 cm).

A beach towel is often slightly bigger than a bath towel. Although it is frequently used to dry off after swimming, its primary function is to offer a surface on which to lie. They’re also used for cleaning sand from the body or items while changing clothes in a public place. Colorful designs are common on beach towels.

A bath sheet or sheet towel is bigger than a bath towel. 80160 cm is the standard bath sheet size. 100150 or 90160 cm is the length of a big bath sheet that may wrap around the full body. They’re utilized in baths, saunas, and on beaches, as well as for massage.

In the absence of a rug, carpet, or bathroom mat, a foot towel is a tiny, rectangular towel that is placed on the bathroom floor to stand on after a shower or bath.

A hand towel is much smaller than a bath towel (about 12 in. 24 in. (30 cm 61 cm) and is used to dry hands after they have been washed.

An oven towel, also known as a confectioner’s mitten, is a multifunctional home towel that may be used in the kitchen or the shop. After a textile magnate, Owen Valley, established the line based on his own towel experiences, the word became popular among Irish communities.

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