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Car tuning is the process of modifying a vehicle to optimize it for a different set of performance criteria than those for which it was intended. Higher engine performance and dynamic handling characteristics are the most obvious examples, although automobiles can also be modified to give greater fuel efficiency or smoother response. When tuning, the objective is to increase a vehicle’s overall performance in response to the demands of the user. Emissions performance, component dependability, and occupant comfort are frequently sacrificed in the tuning process.

Tuning has come to cover the aesthetic and stylistic modifications that owners make to customize their vehicles as a culture has evolved around modified automobiles. These modifications can range from functional alterations that increase the car’s performance or functionality to cosmetic modifications that alter the car’s looks and, in the case of some mods, can be harmful to the car’s performance or functioning.

Although many tuned vehicles do not engage in any sort of sanctioned racing, car tuning is linked to auto racing.

Cars have always been vulnerable to aftermarket modification since their inception. The popular tunes Hot Rod Race and Hot Rod Lincoln both pay homage to both modest and extreme modifications. Abarth and Cooper’s names appear on models inspired by the vehicles they modified. Cosworth, a renowned engine builder, moved from adapting English Flathead engines for Lotus Sevens to dominating Formula One racing with the help of Ford.

Many Japanese performance vehicles were never exported outside of the Japanese domestic market in the 1970s and 1980s. Grey import vehicles of Japanese performance automobiles, such as the Nissan Skyline, began to be privately imported into Western Europe and North America in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This was in stark contrast to domestic vehicle manufacturing at the time, when there was a limited performance aftermarket for domestic compact and economy cars, with the focus primarily on sports cars and muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette.

Tuned economy and small vehicles, in compared to specialised sports cars, display great performance at a cheap cost due to their light weight and the increasing availability of inexpensive tuning equipment. Recreational use of these vehicles grew in tandem with professional sporting and racing with similar vehicles. With varied success, drivers with little or no automotive, mechanical, or racing experience modified their vehicles to resemble the more spectacular versions of racing vehicles.

The core of tuner automobile modification is an attempt to get a large performance increase”or the impression of high performance”from a standard motor vehicle by adding, altering, or completely replacing equipment. Although this primarily entails altering the vehicle’s engine and management systems to increase power output, additional modifications, such as stiffened suspension, widened tires, improved brakes, and improved steering and transmission modifications, are frequently required to allow the vehicle to handle such power (such as the installation of a short shifter). Although minor in appearance, changes like as low-profile tires, changed suspension, and the installation of spoilers can affect the overall look of the car while also providing downforce to improve traction.

A factory-installed audio system is one that was specified by the manufacturer when the car was manufactured. A bespoke audio installation might range from a simple radio upgrade to a complete overhaul centered on specialized audio equipment. Entrants fight for the loudest, highest-quality audio reception or the most creative sound systems in competitions. Higher-quality speakers and subwoofers, amplifiers, and improved wiring are all typical upgrades.

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