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Turkey’s flag consists of a red base with white crescent and five-pointed star on the left side of the flag.

Red is the traditional Islamic color used in the Ottoman Empire, which had previously operated in Turkey, but the empire collapsed in 1918. The crescent and star is an ancient symbol of Islam and is considered a sign of good luck. Red is a prominent color in the history of Turkey and although the crescent and star are symbols of Islam, they have been used in Asia Minor, before the advent of Islam.

Turkish flag was in use, since 1844 but was not officially adopted until June 5, 1936. Originally the flag was a crescent on a green base, but this was changed in 1793, when Sultan Selim III changed the red background. Then add a star in 1844. Like most of the oldest flags in the world, there are many legends that describe the history and creation of the Turkish flag and facts are sometimes difficult to prove.


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