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It is said that the typewriter passed through 52 inventions before accomplishing a fully perfectly usable typewriting machine.

Henry Mill, in 1714, from the Britain gained a patent for machine similar to that of a typewriter. But it is unknown whether he was the person who invented the typewriter. Pellegrino Turri invented carbon paper and, together with other early machines, was designed for blinds.

The machine, called “Typowriter”, patented by William Austin Bert in 1829, was listed among the first typewriter. According to the Science Museum in London, it was the first writing mechanism in which his invention was documented. This sounded a bit exaggerated, since the invention of Turri’s was much earlier. Bert and John D. Sheldon did not find a buyer for the patent and therefore it was produced commercially. However, this invention was slower than the handwriting. It used a dial, not keys to select characters, so instead of a keyboard typewriter it was labeled as index typewriter.

By the mid-1800s, tremendous business growth reinforced the need to documentation machines. Telegraphs and stenographers can hold up to 130 words per minute, and a manuscript is limited to only 30 words per minute. Between 1829 and 1870 there were printing and typing machines patented by inventors in America and Europe, but none of them were commercially available.


In 1865, Hansen Writing Ball was invented by the Dane, Rasmus Mailing-Hansen. It was commercially produced in the 1870s and sold as a typewriter. As successful in Europe, it was widely used in London until 1909. His usage of solenoid equipment makes him a candidate for the first inventor of electric typewriting machine. According to a book written by his daughter, Mailing-Hensen made a porcelain model of his own writing ball and experimented with different letter positions to achieve maximum writing speed.

The first commercially successful typewriter was invented by C. Latham Sholes, Samuel W. Soule and Carlos Glidden in 1867. However, Sholes disowned the machine and even refused to use it later on. The prototype work done by Matthias Schwalbach and the patent was sold to Densmore and Yost, who commercialized the machine as “Sholes and Glidden Type-Writer” and hence the origin of the word “typewriter”.

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