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Countries along the oceans generally experience weather disruptions. The massive increase in disastrous weather disturbances has put a lot of agony in that this natural disaster can eventually kill many human lives.

The so-called typhoon in the Pacific, hurricane in the Atlantic and cyclone in the United States and the Indian Ocean have destroyed so much infrastructure and buildings and spread various types of disease.

It won’t take a day for a typhoon to develop. It usually develops a few days and usually begins as a thunderstorm that collects strength and strength, which will later generate massive weather disturbances.

Unlike other natural disasters, the typhoon can be detected and determined before it strikes. The weather forecast news announces a typhoon coming, even the typhoon is still in development.

They can tell what specific dates and times and which specific places the typhoon will attack. This is due to the wide radius of the typhoon and the accumulation of clouds.

Since the typhoon can be easily monitored and detected, the government can release typhoon signals and warnings to anyone who may be affected by the typhoon.

Typhoon Preparation

  • Have a sufficient supply of food, clean water and groceries that can last a few days. The typhoon can be very destructive in nature, and supermarkets and grocery stores may not continue operating after the typhoon, so enough food should be stored until everything is back to normal.
  • It is important to repair your home before a typhoon. Consider broken windows, roofs and all other broken parts of your home so that, when the typhoon hits, your home can at least be a safe haven.
  • If you live in lowland areas, you should evacuate as soon as possible as the floods can rush in and possibly ruin everything for you.
  • Turn off all electrical supply before the typhoon arrives to avoid future electric shocks and accidents. Local utility firms will voluntarily shut off power.
  • Consider having jackets, umbrellas and any other protective coverings to keep you warm as the typhoon can bring intense winds and rains that can transmit disease.
  • Stay indoors during the typhoon. Never try to get out as there could be falling debris and sharp or heavy objects which are very dangerous. Stay protected inside your home until everything is clear.
  • Store the batteries and radio transistors so that you can be informed of the location of the typhoon.

Countries subject to typhoons have put in place safety precautions and preparations to prepare for the typhoon. They will control as much as possible, if this cannot be completely avoided, the number of casualties and injured people.

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