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U is the 21st letter and the fifth letter in the main ISO basic Latin alphabet. It is preceded by T, followed by V. The letter u ultimately comes from the Phoenician letter through the letter y.

In the Late Middle Ages, two forms of “v” develop, which are used for its predecessor “u” and for the modern “v”. The delineated form “v” is recorded at the beginning of a word, while the round or u form is used in the middle or at the end, regardless of the sound. Therefore, when a “modern” brand appears “bold” and “apologizing,” “ha” and “vpon” are printed accordingly. The first recorded use of “u” and “v” in the form of individual letters is contained in the Gothic alphabet of 1386, where “v” precedes “u”. Printers eschewed the capital U in the 17th century, and the distinction between the two letters was not fully accepted by the French Academy until 1762.


In addition, the letter ⟨u⟩ is used in text messages and the Internet and other written slogans that indicate “you” by virtue of both being pronounced /juː/.

In most languages using the Latin alphabet, ⟨u⟩ represents a rounded vowel or similar vowel.

The symbol “U” is a chemical symbol for uranium.

In the context of Newtonian mechanics, “U” is a symbol of the potential energy of a system.

“U” is the symbol for the atomic mass unit, and “U” is the symbol for the unit of the enzyme.

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