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Vampyr is a 1932 horror film directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer of Denmark. Dreyer and Christen Jul adapted aspects from J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s 1872 collection of spooky stories, In a Glass Darkly, for the picture. Nicolas de Gunzburg, who featured in the film under the name Julian West among a primarily non-professional ensemble, sponsored Vampyr. Gunzburg portrays Allan Gray, an esoteric student who travels to the town of Courtempierre, which is plagued by a vampire.

Vampyr was a complex job for Dreyer to complete because it was his first sound film and he had to record it in three languages. To solve this, the picture contains very little language and much of the plot is delivered through title cards, as if it were a silent film. Dreyer used a washed out, soft focus photographic method to enhance the atmospheric tone of the film, which he filmed entirely on location. The characters’ voices, sound effects, and score were recorded in Berlin for the soundtrack.

In Germany, Vampyr was delayed and had a largely poor response from viewers and critics. After its German premiere, Dreyer revised the film, which received further mixed reviews when it premiered in France. The film was long seen as a low moment in Dreyer’s career, but it has recently received a much more favorable critical reaction, with critics appreciating the picture’s dizzying visual effects and mood.

Allan Gray arrives at an inn near to the town of Courtempierre late at night and hires a room. An old guy enters the room and places a square packet on Gray’s table with the words “To be opened at my death” inscribed on the wrapping paper.

Gray takes the parcel outside with him. He is guided to an old castle by shadows, which he sees dancing and walking on their own. Gray also comes upon an elderly woman (later identified as Marguerite Chopin) and another elderly guy (later identified as the village doctor). Gray travels from the castle to a manor. Gray notices the Lord of the Manor through one of the windows, the same man who handed him the present earlier. The guy is assassinated by a gunshot.


Gray is welcomed inside the mansion by staff, who rush to the fallen man’s help, but it is too late. Gray is invited to spend the night by the staff. Gray is taken to the library by Gisèle, the younger daughter of the now deceased Lord of the Manor, who informs him that her sister, Léone, is very sick. They turn around to see Léone heading outside. They pursue her and discover her on the ground, unconscious and with new bite wounds. They’re dragging her inside. Gray recalls the package and decides to open it. A book about terrifying creatures known as Vampyrs may be found within.

Gray discovers that Léone is a Vampyr victim by reading the book. Vampyrs have the ability to subdue people. Gray identifies the local doctor who pays a visit to Léone at the manor as the old man he met in the castle. Gray offers his blood to save Léone after the doctor informs him that a blood transfusion is required. Gray sleeps, exhausted from the blood loss. He wakes feeling danger and runs to Léone, where he surprises the doctor as he is attempting to poison the girl. The doctor departs the manor, and Gray realizes that Gisèle is gone. Gray accompanies the doctor back to the castle, where Gray gets a vision of himself being buried alive.

After the vision dissipates, he saves Gisèle but the doctor flees. The old servant of the estate finds Gray’s Vampyr book and discovers that a Vampyr may be defeated by driving an iron rod through its heart. The servant joins Gray at Marguerite Chopin’s tomb behind the village Chapel. They uncover the grave and find the old woman completely preserved. They hammer a large metal bar through her heart, killing her. The village doctor is hiding in an old mill, but finds himself locked in a chamber where flour sacks are filled.

The old servant arrives and activates the mill’s machinery, filling the chamber with flour and suffocating the doctor. The curse of the Vampyr is lifted and Léone suddenly recovers. Gisèle and Gray cross a foggy river by boat and find themselves in a bright clearing.

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