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Vanilla is often used to flavor ice cream, especially in North America and Europe. Vanilla ice cream, like other ice cream flavors, was originally created by cooling a mixture of cream, sugar and vanilla over a container of ice and salt. The type of vanilla used to flavor ice cream varies by region. In North America and Europe, consumers are interested in a more noticeable, smoky flavor, while in Ireland they prefer aniseed flavor. To create a smooth consistency of ice cream, the mixture should be stirred occasionally, and then returned to the ice and salt container to continue the solidification process.

Ice cream is flavored with artificial or natural vanilla flavor. Artificial flavors contain 100% vanillin, the main ingredient that contributes to the natural aroma of vanilla extract. Natural vanilla extract also contains about 200 compounds in addition to vanilla. Various chemical properties of these compounds can cause compatibility problems with various ice cream preparations.

Vanilla ice cream can be classified according to the type of taste used. If natural vanilla extract is used, the product is called “vanilla ice cream”. If vanillin from natural vanilla is used, the product is called “vanilla flavored ice cream”. If artificial vanillin is used, the product is labeled as “artificially flavored vanilla ice cream.”

The US Food and Drug Administration describes vanilla ice cream in three categories. Ice cream category I contains only vanilla extract. Category II ice cream contains 1 ounce (28 g) of synthetic vanilla per gallon (3.8 l) of 1-fold vanilla extract. Category III contains only synthetic ingredients.

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