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A bank vault is a safe place to store money, valuables, records and documents. It aims to protect their contents from theft, unauthorized use, fire, natural disasters and other threats, such as a safe. Unlike safes, vaults are an integral part of the building in which they are built, using armored walls and a tightly made door closed with a complex lock.

Historically, strongrooms were built in the basement of the bank, where ceilings were vaulted, hence the name. Modern bank vaults usually contain many safes, as well as places for cash desks and other valuable assets of the bank or its customers. They are also common in other buildings where valuables such as post offices, grand hotels, rare book libraries, and some government ministries are stored.


Vault technology developed in the form of an arms race with bank robbers. While the burglars came up with new ways to infiltrate vaults, vault manufacturers found new ways to stop them. Modern valuts can be equipped with a wide range of alarm and anti-theft devices. Some arches of the 19th and early 20th centuries are so well built that today it is difficult to destroy them. These old vaults are usually made of reinforced concrete. Walls usually have a thickness of at least 1 foot (0.3 m) and the thickness of the door itself is 1.1 m. The total weight has increased to hundreds of tons. Today, valuts are made of thinner and lighter materials, while still secure, are easier to disassemble than their earlier counterparts.

Materials used in vaults and vault doors have also changed. The vaults used to have steel doors, but since they could be easily torched, various materials were tested. Doors made of solid cast iron are more resistant to acetylene burners than steel. The modern preferred material for storage doors is the same concrete used in the vaults wall panels. It is usually clad in steel for cosmetic reasons.

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