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Veins is an elastic blood vessel that carries blood from different parts of the body to the heart. The veins are components of the cardiovascular system that circulates in the blood to provide nutrients to the body cells. Unlike the high-pressure arterial system, the venous system is a low-pressure system that relies on muscle contractions to return blood to the heart. Sometimes veins problems can occur, mainly because of a blood clot or a vein defect.

The vein can range from 1 to 1-1.5 cm in diameter. The smallest veins in the body are called venules. They receive blood from the arteries through arterioles and capillaries. The veins are branched into larger veins, which ultimately bring blood to the largest veins in the body, the vein cava. Then the blood is transferred to the superior vena cava and the lower veins into the right heart of the atrium.

Many internal processes in our body occur without our conscious awareness. Our stomach digests food, our lungs take oxygen and give off carbon dioxide, and our kidneys filter our blood every day. Our internal organs and systems work automatically, and it is likely that the days will go by when we do not stop thinking about our insides at all.


However, a large body system can attract our attention more often, because we can feel that it works in certain parts of our body. Our pulse, the rhythmic pulse of blood through our arteries, constantly reminds us that at all times the blood passes through every part of us. Our blood is a part of our bloodstream, which consists of the heart and blood vessels that carry blood in our body.

Function of Veins

The veins serve as the critical function within our body. When blood is pumped from the heart into different parts of the body, it must return to the heart. In a metaphorical sense, veins are a returnable part of a round-trip plane ticket. The veins serve to transfer blood, bluish in color, back to the right atrium (chamber) of our heart. In the heart, blood will collect more oxygen and prepare for pumping back through the arteries. This is a cycle that lasts as long as a person lives.

The veins can vary greatly in size. The largest vein in the body is called the vein cava, which is Latin for the “hollow vein”. There are two parts of the vein cava, one under the heart and one above it. The section above the heart is called the higher vein cava and returns the blood from the head, neck, chest and upper limbs back to the heart. You can recall this term by associating the word “superior” with “above”.

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