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A well-designed and appropriately designed room shows the basic elements of interior design, horizontal and vertical lines. Good design in all styles, traditional, neoclassical, modern, or contemporary, is a confirmation to the world of interior design that these simple elements are presented.

The two foundations of design are vertical and horizontal lines. When used correctly, these design elements have a focus in the room for a better visual balance. They are design features that provide significant support for the design of the room and serve to accentuate a certain interior space. More important than focal points, a project without properly used horizontal and vertical elements is a failed project.

For example, a crown on the ceiling is a strong horizontal element. A horizontal line looks around the perimeter of the room. That’s why all home stagers emphasize moldings in the houses that they are preparing for resale. Commonly used vertical elements in interiors are floor lamps, table lamps, hutches and cabinets, indoor plants, pedestals, and pendant chandeliers. In hotels, internal fountains and water features provide vertical heights. These vertical design elements direct the eye upward and emphasize the overall height of the space.


Vertical lines emphasize features and create focus. A sconce in the lobby can frame a decorative mirror located above a buffet or sideboard. A vertical element is emphasized by a pair of tall candlesticks placed on a mantle accent, the vertical element; vertical lines serve as design markers to make a strong statement. In furniture, a tall backed chair like a wing chair becomes a vertical element. Verticals facilitate spatial history.

The horizontal equivalents of vertical elements are long dining tables, sofa backs, or straight railings. Your eye moves from side to side. Interior design schemes with horizontal elements such as sectional, beds, or mantles, suggest the idea of ​​staying for a while. A horizontal design element tells the eye that you have reached the end. It’s time to stop and stay in a comfortable spot. A horizontal feature beckons you to stay. Think of bedrooms or spa baths with flat horizontal surfaces. In public places, such as airports, there are rows of seats, or in the reception chairs around the message room, please sit down and wait a bit.

These two complementary design elements – vertical and horizontal – are anchors for a successful design concept. Highlight vertical and horizontal to achieve an attractive interior design and make any room a stunning success. When discussing your design with an interior designer, think about what horizontal and vertical elements you want to feature.

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