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Veterans Day is officially observed on November 11, no matter what day of the week it is. Numerous ceremonies are held in the country every year. There are also various parades that remember the brave men and women who fought so that the Americans can enjoy the freedoms we are so fortunate to have. Although on this special day once a year the whole celebration can look good, the background is very quiet, tragic reality lurking in the background.

Date: Monday, 11 November, 2019
Also called: Armistice Day

There are many veterans who doing remarkably well, but there are also many of our hero veterans who suffer in quiet despair and loneliness. This often happens because they are forgotten or pushed aside. Friends, and sometimes their families, abandoned them because their experiences changed them forever.

Some of them have adjustment with adaptation and mental problems that cannot be explained or corrected. Some could not adapt to society and continue their lives after all that they had seen and experienced during their service. Some of them never get the benefits and opportunities that they were promised when they joined the army or were formed. There are many veterans who must fight to get proper medical care, food and shelter. It should not be so. They should have access to proper treatment and care every day, and not only on Veterans Day, when the whole country is watching them.


The US Department of Veterans Affairs claims that the number of homeless veterans in Vietnam is more than 98,000 troops and women who died during the entire Vietnam War. Think for a moment that there are more veterans of the Vietnam era than all the soldiers who died during the entire Vietnam war. This is an absolute parody, and it should not be allowed in a country as big as America.

None of our veterans should be homeless, no matter when they served. Regardless of whatever political views on such wars, people who were brave enough to serve during these conflicts deserve honor and respect; they do not deserve to be seated on their backs and left in silent despair.

Veterans Day is a wonderful event because it allows many of our heroes to feel highly valued during the whole day. Even homeless veterans can feel gratitude on this special day every year. It would be much better if they were given the due attention and treatment they needed for a year. This will give them more chances to function at a higher level and return to society, giving blood, sweat and tears for protection. Their services allow us to live safely in the most beautiful country in the world.

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