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One of the most recognizable icons on the internet is the video play button. This iconic symbol is universally understood and is used across a wide range of websites and platforms. You’ll find it on social media sites like FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, as well as streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. In this article, we’ll explore the video play button, its history, and its significance in the digital world.

The History of the Video Play Button

The video play button has been around since the earliest days of video on the internet. The first digital videos on the web were small and low-resolution, and they often had to be downloaded to be viewed. As the quality of video on the internet improved, however, it became possible to stream video directly to users’ computers, without the need for downloading. To make it clear to users that they could play a video on a webpage, web designers began using the play button icon. The design of the video play button has evolved over time, but the basic shape and function have remained the same. Today, the video play button is instantly recognizable and is an essential part of the user experience on the web.

The Significance of the Video Play Button

While the video play button may seem like a small thing, it’s actually quite significant. For one thing, it represents the democratization of video on the web. In the early days of the internet, only a few large companies could afford to produce and distribute video content. Today, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can create and share video content with the world. The video play button is a symbol of this democratization, and it has played a key role in making video content accessible to all.


Another important aspect of the video play button is its effect on user engagement. Studies have shown that adding a video to a webpage can increase engagement and website traffic. By using the video play button as a visual cue, web designers can make it more likely that users will click to watch a video. This is especially true on social media sites, where users are often scrolling through a feed and looking for interesting content to view. The video play button signals to users that there is something worth watching, and it encourages them to click through to view the video.

The Different Types of Video Play Buttons

While the basic shape and function of the video play button are the same across platforms, there are a few different variations that you’ll see online. The most common is the triangular play button, which is used on YouTube and many other video sharing sites. This button usually appears in the center of the video thumbnail and is easy to spot. Another variation is the circular play button, which is used on Facebook and Instagram. This button is smaller than the triangular play button and appears in the lower right corner of the video thumbnail.

There are also a few less common variations of the video play button. Some sites use a square play button or a play button with rounded corners. Others use a play button that looks like a sideways triangle. While these variations are less common, they still serve the same purpose: to let users know that they can play a video on the webpage.


The video play button is one of the most iconic symbols on the internet. It represents the democratization of video on the web and plays a key role in user engagement. While the design of the video play button has evolved over time, its basic function remains the same: to let users know that they can watch a video on the webpage. Whether you’re watching a video on YouTube or scrolling through your Facebook feed, you’re sure to encounter the video play button many times each day.

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