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A video player is a type of media player for playing digital video data from storage media such as optical discs, as well as from files of suitable formats such as MPEG, AVI, RealVideo and QuickTime. In addition to functions like a VCR, such as play, pause, pause, rewind and forwarding, some common functions include zooming/full screen, audio channel selection, subtitle selection and frame capture. Many video players also support simple digital audio playback and 3D 2D video playback.

Major operating systems have at least one default media player. For example, Windows comes with Windows Media Player, and macOS comes with QuickTime Player and Music. Linux distributions come with various media players such as SMPlayer, Amarok, Audacious, Banshee, MPlayer, mpv, Rhythmbox, Totem, VLC media player and xine. Android comes with Google Play Music for audio and Google Photos for video.


Different media players have different goals and feature sets. Video players are a group of media players that have their own functions that are more focused on playing digital video. For example, a Windows DVD player exclusively plays DVD-Video discs and nothing more. Media Player Classic can play individual audio and video files, but many of its features, such as color correction, sharpening, zooming, keyboard shortcuts, DVB support and subtitle support, are only useful for video content such as movies and animation movies. Audio players, on the other hand, specialize in digital audio. For example, AIMP plays exclusively audio formats. MediaMonkey can play both audio and video formats, but many of its functions, including a media library, lyrics detection, music visualization, online radio, indexing audio books and editing tags, are designed to consume audio materials; watching videos in it can be a perfect feat. There are universal media players. For example, Windows Media Player has outstanding features for both audio and video, although it may not match some of the features of Media Player Classic and MediaMonkey combined.

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