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The Violet flowers are royal flowers. They are luxurious and fancy, chic and boheme. The following article will show you all the Violet flowers’ meanings and give you some tips on how they are used in flower arrangements.

Violet is the color of spirituality and nobility. A royal color – that is what purple is! And so, one does not wonder why it was the favorite color of Cleopatra. Violet has both hot and cold feelings wrapped in its shades as it is a mixture of blue and red. Violet symbolizes magic and mystery; it is the color of meditation and deep reflection. Symbol of widows in mourning, Violet is considered a perfect color. Half of the Violet is right, and half is bad; it is cool and warm at the same time. An uplifting color, Violet calms down and encourages creativity. Violet also represents power and luxury.

Meaning of Violet Flower

The Violet flowers are ceremonial. They were used in royal celebrations and elegant events. Luxurious and pretentious flowers, they are very appreciated and loved.


They can symbolize power and splendor when found in deeper tones, such as Violet roses or Violet lilies, and they can represent the beauty of a woman if they are in lavender shades, like lilac.

They are magic and stylish and can never go out of style!

Violet Flowers in Arrangements

Violet flowers are very popular, especially in very, very elegant arrangements and bouquets. Due to their historical significance of royal flowers, they are often used by the wealthy to express their wealth and glory.

Now, if you want to mix them with other colors to create a contrast or blending effect, you may want to keep in mind that:

Flowers such as Violet calla lilies look better with yellow flowers. The contrast is magnificent, and the result is exceptional, although a little psychedelic!

Pink flowers go well with Violet, especially with tulips or carnations. They are fresh and bright, perfect for your daughter on her birthday!

Orange is another excellent combination. With Violet, they will be even brighter because the contrast is quite powerful. Try mixing Violet daisies with orange gerbera daisies.

Blue flowers should not be used very often as Violet flowers can fade into deep shades of blue. If you use shades of light blue, mix them with white flowers for a more spring-like effect.

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