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The Visa card is one of the leading and oldest brands of credit and debit cards. Although it was officially released in 1976, it was derived from BankAmericard, issued by the Bank of America. The International Association of Visa Services in San Francisco, California, which is amalgamation 20,000 financial institutions to operate this brand.

Looking into their corporate structure, Visa has a very decentralized structure that allows its various members to adapt rules and regulations and functions according to their nature in the local market.

The two primary forms of electronic payment cards are credit cards and debit cards. A credit card allows its holder to make purchases of a credit line (a type of loan) issued by a financial institution, usually in a bank. A debit card (also known as a check card) simply allows the holder to have access to existing funds in their checking account. While the credit card allows the cardholder to pay the purchase amount of the banks in monthly payments, debit cards require purchases that are purchase be paid in full at the time of sale.


The central role of Visa International is to serve as a hub between cardholders and traders. This is done by maintaining a massive around-the-clock electronic payment network, through which the purchases are processed. Visa International is also responsible for brand enhancement through marketing, sponsorship of agreements and other activities. In turn, Visa makes the most of its money by charging for its member banks fees.

As the name Visa has been introduced in the world for more than three decades, the company has achieved phenomenal growth and the benefits of new technologies to enhance the efficiency, convenience, and reliability of its services. Throughout its history, Visa has surpassed its main competitors, including MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, regarding brand recognition and billing throughout the world.

Like any other credit card, Visa cards have the same basic characteristics. No need to pay the bill in full. Instead, you can turn the balance that interests you. Visa cards are issued to all kinds of people from professionals, traders, students who meet different credit requirements. With constant innovation, Visa provides a wider choice. In fact, Visa’s vision to make electronic payments is available to all individuals, governments, and companies around the world.

In the US, you can apply for a Visa card for corporate, personal, small businesses and students. Again, you have many options to suit your credit nature in these categories.

Worldwide, Visa card is used by millions of people all over the world. In addition, the point-of-sale you can use a Visa card to withdraw money from ATMs and online purchasing transactions. There are more than one million ATMs in 160 countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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