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The Volkswagen (VW) logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. It represents the German automobile manufacturer’s commitment to engineering perfection, innovation, and reliability. The iconic logo has gone through several iterations since it was first introduced in the 1930s, but its basic design remains the same to this day.

The Beginning of Volkswagen and Its Logo

Volkswagen, which means “people’s car” in German, was founded in 1937 by the Nazi government. The company’s aim was to produce affordable cars for the masses, and a logo was needed to represent this new venture. The logo, designed by the late Franz Xaver Reimspiess, consisted of a stylized “V” and “W” intertwined together, resembling wings. The logo was supposed to represent the brand’s German heritage and the “speed and progress” of its cars.

However, Volkswagen’s logo had to go through some changes due to World War II’s events. During the war, the British army took over the VW factory, and the company’s fortunes shifted. The logo became a part of the British Army of Occupation’s extra earnings and was eventually sold to British businessman, Major Ivan Hirst. At first, the British removed the Volkswagen badge and replaced it with an enamel badge that read “V-W,” but the company would regain its logo after the war.

The Evolution of the Logo

The VW logo has undergone many changes since its creation in the 1930s. These changes have mostly involved the reshaping and adjusting of the fonts and the design elements used in the logo. For example, during the 1960s, Volkswagen made a few modifications to the logos, such as making the interlocking letters more prominent. Other versions saw some slight alterations in the size, color, and shape.


One of the most significant changes was a complete redesign in 2019. Volkswagen decided to update its entire brand image, including its iconic logo. The new logo is now flat and minimalist, with refined curves on the “V” and “W” letters, giving it a more modern feel. The new logo was designed to represent Volkswagen’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the future of electric mobility.

The Symbolism Behind the Logo

The VW logo is more than just a logo; it’s a symbol of German engineering and automotive innovation. Every design element in the logo has a purpose, from the interlocking “V” and “W” letters to the color and shape of the logo. The logo’s colors comprise blue and white, which are the colors of the Bavarian flag, representing the automaker’s German heritage.

The interlocking letters are meant to represent the two halves of the company’s name, Volkswagen, which means “people’s car” in German. The use of the “V” and “W” letters creates a streamlined shape that gives the design its iconic look. The logo’s round shape represents the company’s global appeal and the simplicity and reliability of its cars.

The Legacy of the VW Logo

The VW logo has come to represent some of the most innovative and reliable cars in the automotive industry. With its timeless design and symbolism, it’s no wonder that the logo has remained relevant for over 80 years. Volkswagen’s commitment to sustainability, engineering excellence, and innovation is evident in everything the company does, including its logo.

The VW logo is not only a symbol of the brand, but it also represents the company’s values, principles, and achievements. The logo has become a global identity for a brand that continues to produce some of the most beloved and trusted cars in the world.


The Volkswagen VW logo is a symbol of excellence, innovation, and reliability. Its iconic design has remained relevant for over 80 years, and it continues to be a global identity for Volkswagen. The interlocking “V” and “W” letters, round shape, and blue and white color palette all contribute to the logo’s symbolism and legacy. Volkswagen’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is evident in its new logo, which represents the brand’s future in electric mobility. The VW logo remains one of the most recognizable and beloved symbols in the automotive industry.

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