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W or w is the 23rd letter of modern English and the ISO capital letter. This is usually represents a consonant, but in some languages ​​(and sometimes in English) it is a vowel. It English name is double-u, plural double-ues.

Alphabetical position: 23
Other letters commonly used with: w(x)
Writing system: Latin script

It makes a “wuh” (voiced w sound), as in walk, at the end of a word or in combination with a letter, it often makes a voiceless w sound as in whisper or cow. Sometimes a combination that does /h/ sounds as in who.


English uses (w) to represent /w/. There are also a number of words starting with the letter (w), which is silent in most dialects before a (pronounced) (r) from the use of the Old English language in which the (w) was pronounced: wreak, wrap, wreck, wroth, wrinkle, etc.

W sometimes silent, like in two or a wrench.

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