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As the owner/operator of a restaurant, if you asked one of your waiters: “What is the difference between grilled chicken and roasted chicken?” or “what is a ragout sauce?” Do you want to receive the correct answer? If not, I strongly suggest that you start teaching basic food knowledge and food preparation methods in your waiter training programs. Otherwise, precious income and a reputation for waiter are lost unnecessarily every day in the dining room of your restaurant.

Most chefs work very long hours to design and implement a food menu. But, if your waiters cannot keep up with the right dining service that includes the ability to explain everything in detail on that menu, then a lot of the chef’s valuable time and effort is being wasted.

Restaurant customers always have questions about the menu, whether it’s a definition of a spring vegetable, an unfamiliar fruit, or a certain method of cooking a dish such as braised, roasted, grilled, etc. If a waiter cannot provide a prompt and knowledgeable response when asked, then customer trust is lost, and so is sales – not to mention the reputation of the dining room service. The actions and capacities of a waiter are a reflection of the restaurant as a whole.

For example, if a customer is provided with an excellent answer to a menu question, it is immediately realized that the waiter has skills and experience. Then there is a much better chance that proper restaurant service will be provided. Logically, a customer knowing this fact will likely order more items (and more expensive items) from this menu. No one wants to risk spending a lot of money in a restaurant when there is a risk of bad service.

There is a very simple solution to make sure that you always have waitstaff with knowledge and methods of food preparation. For good waiter training, restaurant owners/operators and managers should always have menu descriptions typed and distributed to all waitstaff – keeping extras available for all new hires. (All the ingredients of each dish must be explained in detail.)

Knowledge of food and food preparation methods typed up and handed out to all waitstaff – keeping extras available for any new hires. (Simple definitions of braised, roasted, grilled, etc. should be included in this handout.)

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