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A wall sconce is a form of wall-mounted light fixture. The light is frequently, but not always, focused upwards and forth instead of below. Wall sconce are a very old type of light fixture that was traditionally used with candles and oil lamps. For similar reasons, modern fixtures are more commonly referred to as wall lights or wall lamps, especially if the light source is completely encased in glass.

They can offer general room illumination and are commonly seen in halls and corridors, but they may also serve purely aesthetic purposes. A sconce can be a classic torch, candle, or gaslight fastened in the same way, or a contemporary electric light source.

Sconces can be used on both the inside and outside of a structure. These used to hold candles and torches, respectively, in pre-modern times. Candle sconces were traditionally constructed of silver or brass beginning in the 17th century, with porcelain and ormolu becoming popular in the 18th century. A reflecting backplate was frequently used to enhance the brilliance of the candle flame. The candle would be held at a safe distance from the wall using brackets.


In hallways or corridors, modern electric light fixture sconces are frequently employed to give both lighting and a center of attraction in a lengthy route. In a tunnel, sconce height is usually 3/4 of the distance up the wall from the floor to the ceiling, and the space between sconces on the wall is usually equal to the distance between the sconces from the floor, with the sconces alternating sides of the route.

To achieve balance, sconces are usually put in pairs or numerous units. They may be used to line a corridor or frame doors. Swingarm sconces are frequently used to provide task illumination for reading near to a bed.

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