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Walnut oil is mainly produced in the Perigord and Burgundy regions of France. It is also produced in Australia, New Zealand and California, in the United States. Unrefined walnut oil is made from dried and cold pressed nuts. Good quality walnut oil is topaz colored with a rich nutty flavor.

This natural oil has a variety of health benefits. Its high content of omega 3 helps protect the heart and offers anti-cancer and slimming properties. It offers rich antioxidant benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in linoleic acid and in the benefits of vitamins E, A and C.

It is not used for cooking at high temperatures, but rather for pouring over salads or pasta used as a dip for bread or cheese and brushing grills or vegetables. A bottle of unopened walnut oil can last up to three years, but once opened it loses its quality. After opening, its shelf life is six to twelve months and should be kept in a cool, dark or refrigerated place to avoid becoming rancid.


This natural oil has aromatherapy benefits and is used in massages, usually in combination with other aromatic oils. It dries quickly, leaves the skin fresh, without oily residue.

It offers benefits for the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, warts and fungal infections. Caution should be heeded to people allergic to nuts or skin sensitivities, to avoid using walnut oil, due to unknown side effects. It is a deeply penetrating, nourishing and hydrating oil, ideal for dry and scaly skin.

It is slow to trace and should be used in combination with oils high in saturated fat. This natural oil is a great choice for use in many homemade skin care products, including: facial products, foot products, lotions and as massage oils.

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