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A warning sign is a sort of sign that signals the presence of a possible hazard, barrier, or situation that needs extra attention. Some are traffic indicators that identify risks on the road that a driver may not be aware of.

While warning traffic signs come in various shapes and sizes, they generally have an equilateral triangular form with a white backdrop and a solid red border. They have a black border and a yellow background in the People’s Republic of China (excluding Macau and Hong Kong). They have a crimson border with an amber backdrop in Sweden, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Finland, Iceland, North Macedonia, and Poland. Svalbard’s polar bear warning sign recently switched from a black bear on a white background to a white bear on a black background (both signs are triangular with a red border). For road repair or construction signs, certain nations (such as France, Norway, and Spain) that ordinarily use a white backdrop have chosen an orange or amber background.


In certain nations, instead of the conventional triangular design, warning signs have a diamond form. Warning signs are black on a yellow background. Usually, they diamond-shaped in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, most South America, and Ireland (differing from the rest of Europe). Temporary signs (typically construction signs) are black on an orange background. These standards are also used in various other nations for signs.

They are based on the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, which the United Nations Economic Commission adopted for Europe. They are based on the MUTCD standard in the United States and frequently feature merely text.

Some of the original roadside signs, known as ancient milestones, were simply distance indicators. Hazard signs were uncommon. However, there were a few exceptions, such as 1686 etched in stone warning against horse-drawn vehicles backing up in Lisbon’s Alfama quarter. Due to the lack of high-contrast text on the early signs, their statements may have been easily disregarded. Symbolic signs, however long utilized on specific tradesmen’s signs (such as the pawnbrokers’ tri-ball symbol), were not employed for traffic until much later in history.

With the introduction of automobiles, complex signage systems arose. The car association of West London put up several warning signs in 1908. Nine European states agreed in 1909 to adopt four graphical symbols to represent a bump, curve, junction, and railroad crossing. Between 1926 and 1949, there was a lot of effort on international road signs, which finally led to establishing the European road sign system.

As the twentieth century progressed, the importance of traffic flow and vehicle speeds grew.

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