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Boiled water before drinking is one of the recommended practices of medical personnel, particularly in third world countries, where their source of drinking water is not safe, and sometimes causes some cases of common illness for kids.

Those who live in remote areas, on farms and in remote areas have been the victim of these infectious diseases of catching water-borne diseases due to unsafe drinking water.

8 Benefits of drinking boiled water:

1. Killing certain bacteria, viruses, cysts and worms.

2. The simplest and easiest way to disinfection to remove pathogens from the water.


3. Removes some micro-organisms and certain chemicals, and other components that may be present in drinking water.

4. No need for skills training in the boiling water until it boils at an appropriate temperature for heating to kill the diseases transmitted through water.

5. Drinking boiled water every day increases the circulation of blood.

6. Some studies have shown that by drinking hot water removes some of the deposits embedded in the nervous system. These deposits are responsible for creating negative thoughts and emotions.

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