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Outdoor waterfalls are artificial decorative items that have a system for continuous running water, like in a real waterfall. They can have many patterns, shapes and sizes, depending on preference. Their most important components are the basin, making a drop of water, submersible pump, which allows the water to rise again, and cascading slope which channels falling water.

The most common materials used for outdoor waterfalls are copper, slate and stone. All of these materials are not prone to rust water or moist air. Their height may vary from a few inches to rising ten feet or more. They can be made in any color and sensitive, but the most common color brown, gray, green, beige and black. The pump and therefore the entire waterfall is driven by electric power supply and can be switched off when not required.

People place outdoors waterfalls in their gardens or yards. They serve mainly as a curiosity and attraction to which parties and conversations are held. External waterfalls are also designed to cascade into pools of water to create a water effect.

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