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Web hosting is a method by which a person or a company hires a server for storing data used to display a website that is accessible through the Internet. Any website that can be found and made available on the Internet, hosted on some server, or similar machine, and various companies offer several different ways to do hosting. These can include free hosting for individuals who do not need a lot of options as well as dedicated systems that are more expensive but provide better control.


There are many different types of web hosting available, depending on the needs and budget of the person. Most commercial packages come with certain capabilities for users and scripts that allow interactive functions, forums or e-mail addresses. Common hosting services provide many users with data storage in a single system. Specialized systems, which tend to be more expensive, give each user device or server running exclusively on their website, providing more speed and more powerful options. There is also a “virtual” dedicated systems that use software to simulate the effect of dedicated methods in a practical, common system.

Types of Web Hosting:


  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Server
  • Cloud Hosting

Free Web Hosting or Paid Hosting

Prices for Web hosting differ slightly, including free options for personal websites that does not require any special tools and expected low traffic. Free web hosting is convenient, but there are some drawbacks. Usually this implies ads on web sites hosted on a free system like “Banner ads” at the top of the page, or “pop-ups.” Most free hosting services offer an alternative plan, which removes such ads for a monthly fee.


There are other considerations when searching for web hosting in the direction of the price. Some hosting services have policies that restrict certain content, scripting languages, and other features. Webmasters should also read the privacy policy of any web hosting service that consider using to see how a company can use personal or professional information provided to them by the user.

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