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WebMoney is a Russian online payment settlement system that was founded in 1998. It is one of Russia’s largest electronic payment processors by number of users, with 41 million registered accounts, 300,000 active weekly users, and 100,000 shops accepting payments through the system as of early 2020. WM Transfer Ltd owns and operates WebMoney.

The funds of WebMoney users are kept in a “purse,” which contains electronic money that corresponds to an underlying asset, such as a currency. WebMoney units’ underlying assets are owned by a global network of firms that function as payment system guarantors. Guarantors take deposits in the underlying assets and then issue WebMoney units in exchange. WebMoney Transfer has an escrow mechanism and may be used for peer-to-peer payments. It charges fees of 0.8 percent of the total transaction value, up to a maximum of ,50.

WebMoney Keeper is a Microsoft Windows, Windows PhoneAndroid, iOS, and Blackberry application that allows you to use their payment services. WebMoney Keeper Classic for Windows was panned by security researcher Kris Kaspersky in 2006 because it installed a low-level device driver that enabled direct access to the I/O ports and accessed the hard disk directly via ATA commands rather than through the operating system.

The firm was created in November 1998 in Russia as a money transfer system for US dollars, following the Russian financial crisis of 1998, which saw a surge in the use of US dollars in Russia.

WebMoney Europe Ltd, located in Cambridge, UK, was awarded an FCA license to issue e-money inside the European Economic Area in November 2015.

WebMoney Funding was created in 2015 as a crowdfunding platform for the realization of projects based on the principles of voluntary donations, group purchasing, and event organizing.

WebMoney joined Sberbank’s immediate transfer ecosystem in 2019, allowing consumers to make instant transfers from Sberbank cards to WebMoney purses and vice versa. To transfer cash, you’ll need the recipient’s phone number (which is linked to the card or purse).

WebMoney, the worldwide settlement system, launched a video identification system for clients in March 2019, allowing you to verify your identity remotely.

WebMoney announced its debut into the Uzbek market in July 2019. In Uzbek soums, the firm launched a WMY wallet that can be topped up using Uzcard, Oson, and Paynet.

For restaurants and businesses, the WebMoney Transfer system provided a method for taking payments through QR code. Customers must confirm their payment by scanning a QR code shown on the cash register screen. Burger King Russia has collaborated with WebMoney Transfer to provide consumers QR code payments in 2019.

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