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The wedding cake is often proud and strategically placed during the wedding reception. Often a towering way up in the sky, it can not compete with the bride in the “spotlight” to the big day. This delicious piece of art creates a focal point that other aspects of the reception can be turned around. For those who prefer a flare for the dramatic, the wedding cake can be rolled into the room at the end of the reception, providing a “grand entrance” for everyone to see it all. For many people, this grand entrance can cause memories for the bride, who walked down the path earlier in the day.

History of Wedding Cake


The wedding cake has evolved over the years. Starting out as a simple symbol of fertility, it has become an artistic tradition that can have many different artistic interpretations. For many ancient peoples, wheat is a symbol of fertility and abundant harvest. The ancient Romans throw the grains of wheat at the bride and the groom to “wish fertility” a new couple during their wedding. This custom eventually turned into bringing small cakes made from wheat to the wedding banquet itself.

White Wedding Cake

In the modern world the elaborate wedding cake is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Each couple can share in the tradition of having a wedding cake added to their big day. Wedding cake specialists took their art to towering heights. Those days are gone when you were limited to a white cake with white frosting. Although the white cake will probably always be the most popular because of its traditional sense.

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