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Weight loss is one of the hottest topic ever. Nowadays everyone is trying to lose weight. Most diet programs are designed to reduce weight, and body weight is often used as an indicator of progress in fitness. But this is a wrong approach.

Your ultimate goal should always be to lose fat and reduce excess fat in the body – this is what you need to worry about. Weight loss and fat loss – it’s not the same! Many people confuse with these two terms that often believe that they mean the same thing, when they actually lose weight and lose fat, are very different from each other.

What is Weight Loss?

(Weight loss = muscle loss + fat loss + water loss)

Weight loss is attempting to reduce your total body weight. It simply refers to a smaller number on a scale.

Your weight consists of all parts of your body, such as muscles, fats, bones, water, organs, tissues, blood, etc. When you lose weight, you lose a little fat, muscle and water,

You lose fat, but very little and along with the fat and muscle and a small amount of water. The higher the calorie intake, the faster you lose weight and the more you lose muscle.


When you lose weight too fast, your body can not support your muscles. Because the muscles require more calories to maintain, your body begins to metabolize it, to keep the remaining calories for survival. It protects it from fat stores as a protective mechanism to ensure your survival in the event of future famine and instead uses clean tissue or muscle to provide the calories needed to preserve vital organs such as the brain, heart, kidneys and liver function. If you get to the point where you have very little fat or muscle, your body will metabolize your organs so that your brain function leads to a heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

Since the body loses more muscle mass, the overall metabolism of the body decreases. The rate of metabolism is the rate at which the body burns calories and is partially determined by the amount of muscle that you have.

Thus, the more muscles you have, the higher the metabolic rate; the less muscle mass you have, the lower your metabolic rate and the fewer calories you burn. This explains why it is important to protect your metabolism and not to have muscle loss.

Loss of muscle also leads to loss of tone under the skin, leaving you soft and unshapely, with no form and contour. If you lose weight too quickly, the skin will not have time to adjust. In addition, the muscles – this is what gives you strength and loss, it means a weak body.

Weight loss works in the short term to make you less, but it’s temporary, almost everyone rebounds and weight restoration. This makes you find another diet. And then another one – in the end they’ll all fail.

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