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If you’ve ever stumbled upon a music video or an album cover that left you feeling both intrigued and uneasy, chances are you’ve experienced Weirdcore. Defined as a blend of surrealism, glitch art, and cyberculture, Weirdcore is a visual style that has caught the attention of avant-garde artists and young audiences alike.

Origins of Weirdcore

Weirdcore emerged in the early 2010s, as an aesthetic movement that sought to push the boundaries of what was considered “cool” or “normal” in contemporary art. Its roots can be traced back to the underground music scene, particularly to genres like vaporwave, witch house, and experimental electronic music. Many Weirdcore artists were inspired by the DIY ethos of these movements, and decided to create their own visual language to accompany the music.

One of the first artists credited with pioneering Weirdcore is David Rudnick, a graphic designer and art director who has worked for musicians such as Evian Christ, Kanye West, and Jamie xx. Rudnick’s style is characterized by glitchy, distorted imagery, often featuring 3D renderings or manipulated photographs. His work has been described as a commentary on the hyperreal, tech-driven culture of the 21st century, and the anxieties that come with it.

Key Elements of Weirdcore

Although Weirdcore is a relatively new phenomenon, there are certain elements that define it as a visual style. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Grotesque imagery: Weirdcore often uses surreal or disturbing images that challenge the viewer’s expectations of what is aesthetically pleasing. This can include distorted human bodies, glitched-out landscapes, or abstract symbols.
  • Neon colors: Many Weirdcore pieces feature vibrant, eye-catching colors that contrast with the dark or bizarre subject matter. This creates a sense of unease and disorientation, as the viewer is forced to confront conflicting emotions.
  • Glitch art: One of the hallmarks of Weirdcore is the use of digital glitches and errors to create new forms of imagery. This can include techniques such as datamoshing, where videos are deliberately corrupted to produce unexpected results.
  • Cyberculture references: Since Weirdcore arose in the age of the internet, it often incorporates elements of online culture and technology. This can include nods to memes, social media, or video game aesthetics.

Weirdcore in Music Videos

One of the most prominent arenas for Weirdcore is music videos. Since both music and visuals are integral to the overall experience of a song, it’s no surprise that many musicians have enlisted Weirdcore artists to create visuals that complement their sound. Some of the most notable music videos featuring Weirdcore include:


  • “Afterworld” by Internet Club: This video, directed by the artist Vektroid, features a series of abstract images that are glitched and distorted almost beyond recognition. The effect is disorienting, yet mesmerizing.
  • “Loud Places” by Jamie xx: David Rudnick created the visuals for this video, which features neon colors, kaleidoscopic patterns, and a sense of urban isolation. The glitchy effects add to the feeling of nostalgia and longing evoked by the song’s lyrics.
  • “Black Swan” by Thom Yorke: Directed by Weirdcore (an artist who took his name from the movement), this video is a prime example of the grotesque imagery often associated with the style. It features twisted human forms, insect-like creatures, and a sense of impending doom.

Weirdcore as a Subculture

While Weirdcore began as a visual style, it has since evolved into a community of artists, musicians, and fans who share a passion for the bizarre and the unconventional. Online forums, social media platforms, and art collectives have sprung up around the movement, creating a space for creatives to collaborate and experiment with new ideas. Some of the most popular Weirdcore groups and pages include:

  • Weirdcore Collective: Founded by the artist Daito Manabe, this collective brings together visual artists, musicians, and programmers to create multi-disciplinary projects that explore the intersection of art and technology.
  • Weirdcore Fans: This Facebook page has over 15,000 members and features a constant stream of Weirdcore artwork, music, and memes.
  • Club Chai: This Oakland-based music and art collective includes a number of Weirdcore artists and musicians, who perform at events that fuse together various genres and styles.


Weirdcore is a visual style that defies classification. Part art movement, part subculture, it has captured the attention of young audiences who are drawn to its blend of surrealism, glitch art, and cyberculture. As technology continues to evolve, it’s likely that Weirdcore will continue to push the boundaries of what is considered “normal” or “cool” in contemporary art.

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