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In a male-dominated profession like welding, female welders are often seen as a brave soldier who accepts tenacity, danger, and frustration. But that doesn’t mean that the work experience isn’t rewarding and fun, even a thousand times more satisfying than other trades. Acting as a stellar employer who knows how to let the upsides beat the disadvantages, you will greatly benefit from the recruitment of women welders.

Advantages Of Hiring Women Welders

They Are Often More Hard-Working Than Men

They may not always be the best; they are never the laziest. Welding workers are often diligent and show a positive attitude. Once they are ready to continue what sets their hearts and minds on fire, at some point, they will accept sweating, dirt, and possibly burns and cuts.

Working in a tough work environment with all the guys is not always easy. Yet the women who accept to enter and conquer this battle are so impressive. Who does not want such a physically and mentally strong, dedicated, passionate, and diligent worker?

Some of Them are The Best Welders

Some of them are undoubtedly the best welders with all their sacrifices and efforts. It takes a lot of courage to leave things that are familiar to them and calm down in a new environment with problems that are alien, or obsessive to women like dirty hands, burns, deterioration of the skin, among others. Once they accept these things, they don’t want to give up and strive to achieve rewarding things to compensate for their sacrifice.

This is why many of them are the best welders with qualifications, skills, experience, and advancing in their careers.

Vera (Anderson) McDonald and Miss Gladys Theus are good examples. Hired as a welder during the Second World War, Vera (Anderson) McDonald won national and regional wartime competitions for women welding welders. Miss Gladys Theus – one of the fastest and most efficient welders at the Kaiser Company Permanente Metals Corporation near Oakland, California – continued to work until the final victory was won.

They are Skilled

It is a pity that there are not enough women in trades like welding, electricity, plumbing. No matter what their sizes are, all women working in the welding industry are generally excellent, especially with TIG. For those who are not great at TIG, that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with them.

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