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A whip is a weapon that is used to control humans and other animals by inducing pain compliance or fear of suffering. They can also be utilized for audiovisual signals without causing discomfort, such as in equestrianism. They’re usually either a stiff stick for direct contact or a flexible line that requires a unique stroke. The former is more accurate and easier to use, while the latter has a longer reach and more force. A hunting whip is made up of a sturdy stick (the stock or handle) and a long, flexible rope (the lash or thong).

Flagellation whips like the “cat o’ nine tails” and knout are designed particularly for inflicting physical punishment or torture on human targets. The use of whips by oneself or between willing partners is part of several religious traditions and BDSM activities. Mistreatment of nonhumans might be deemed animal cruelty, whereas misuse of humans could be considered assault.

Whips are commonly used on animals to give them direction or to encourage them to go. Some whips are made to manage animals by inflicting pain by tapping or a full-force hit that induces pain compliance. The use of sound, such as the cracking of a bullwhip, is used by some whips to offer instruction. Whips can also be used to offer a visible directional indication by increasing the human arm’s reach and visibility.

Pain is still used in certain animal training today, and it is legal in many professions, including most equestrian sports, some of which require the use of a whip. When used appropriately, the whip may be a valuable tool for supplementing riding aids, especially when initial orders are disobeyed. Many competition regulating organizations, on the other hand, restrict the use of whips, and overuse of the whip can result in disqualification and sanctions. In certain countries, excessive usage of whips may be deemed animal cruelty.

Whip manufactured in Silesia, Poland, with a cracking sound to accentuate it, used in Siuda folk Easter rituals. Baba
Whips used by sound seldom or never hit the animal; instead, a long, flexible whip is cracked to generate a highly sharp, loud sound. This method is especially successful for moving sled dogs, cattle, and teams of harnessed animals such as oxen and mules because it uses operant conditioning: most animals automatically flinch away from the sound. Whipping is more efficient in some situations since the sound is loud enough to influence many animals at once. Again, as part of operant training, this approach can be employed as part of an escalation response, with sound being used first before a pain stimulus is delivered.

Whips used as an extension of the human hand or arm to give a visual command, tap an animal, or exert pressure are all examples of how whips may be used without causing harm. The subject may be conditioned to associate the whip with irritation, discomfort, or pain through operant conditioning, but in other situations, the whip may be used as a simple instrument to deliver a cue linked to positive reward for compliant conduct. Other names for whips have gained popularity among practitioners in light of current ideas regarding the possibility for cruelty in whips, such as “wand” or “stick” whips, and “string” or “popper” lashes.

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