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This article will present you the 5 fascinating facts about wolves that most people get wrong.

1) Most people think that the members of the wolf pack cooperating in the hunt. It was noted that this is incorrect.

2) It is a common misconception that wolves usually live in packs with a fixed structure “alpha male” and common problems for its management, etc. This is a misconception of wolf society. The wolf pack more correctly described as a “nuclear family” hierarchy.


3) Many people think that the wolf pack will run over long distances when hunting, killing an animal by tiring it. This is not true, Most of the wolves will stop hunting after one of 10 to 180 meters, although sometimes the wolves will move very large distances after prey. One wolf was seen to run 36 km in the hunt, but that’s not the case at all.

4) Wolves almost never attack any animal, if it does not show signs of fear or runs away.

5) Many people believe that the “timber wolf” is a separate species, when in fact it is another name for “Gray Wolf”.

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