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The winter months come into play, and for the majority of women in Britain, most are likely to be found trawling the country’s malls and shaking their feet in the latest high heel shoe in patent leather, in the hope that it matches the sparkly outfit they just created bought for the office’s annual Christmas party.

This scenario will ring true for hundreds of women. But not all women in Britain have a Topshop loyalty card and would faint if asked to live without their mascara for a week. There are always of course, the women you will find in the pub, proudly wearing their beloved team, a pint of lager in their hands, loudly blaring on the TV screen.

Football, especially in the UK, has always been linked to men and masculinity. When we think of football, it is unlikely that we will conjure up a picture of eleven femme fatale’s running around a field, their hair fluttering wildly in the wind. (Of course, that would never happen – the hair would be naturally tied, but would go with the picture)

However, it is undeniable that football is widely regarded as a male sport. A beautiful game, certainly, but a man’s one nevertheless. Statistics have shown in the past that the number of women playing team sports as full-time professionals in the UK is zero. But with the ever-increasing number of women footballers and women’s teams, could everything change?

Vicki Christopher, captain of the University of Winchester women’s football team, thinks this is most certainly the case.

She says, “Women’s football is definitely on the rise. In recent years, our college football team has grown considerably. This was the case at the school where boys played soccer and girls played netball. Today however, school children have a much better balance in sports.”

Maureen McGonigle of Scottish Women’s Football has a similar opinion. She believes that while there is a lot of catching up to do to be at the same level as men, women’s football is now recognized worldwide as the fastest growing women’s team sport.

“It is constantly growing. Women’s football offers many opportunities for everyone, whether as a referee, coach or even administrator. Someone once said that “The future is feminine”, and this confirms the belief of many who have watched the incredible growth of the game for women and girls.”

But where did it all start? Believe it or not, women have been kicking land for almost a century. It became popular on a large scale during the First World War, around 1917.

Women’s roles began to change as they took on jobs and responsibilities that had always been assumed by men. Women’s wartime teams were generally created to raise funds for war charities.

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