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The variety of women’s boots can be summed up in the old song which begins with “the long and the short and the tall”. Boots take up a lot of space in shoe stores today, but while years ago they were mostly long boots up to the knees, there are now as many, if not more, boots of all types and of all kinds than all the others. shoes.

Since boots are so fashionable right now, it’s worth thinking about the type of clothing that goes with them. With an almost military style ankle boot perhaps with straps or studs or even ornaments of small mini-chains, a contrast of a very feminine dress can be extremely effective. Take for example a pair of boots of a rich dark color like chocolate or a deep moss green; a contrasting dress in bright colors can create an animage that can remarkably create a balance that looks great. Another way to dress with a military style boot is to continue the theme with the rest of the clothing. The trick here is to continue the military approach but with just hints of feminism in the design. Unless you’re really about to go on a war trip to the jungle, you don’t want to scare people!

Women’s designer shoes are no longer limited to conventional shoe shapes. The latest boots for women are now eagerly awaited for their appearance on the cat walk. Women can express themselves in so many different styles and fashions and the range of boots and shoes available to them to showcase their clothes is huge. Not only are the boots extremely comfortable and easy to wear with so many styles of clothing, they are of course very flattering. A long, well-fitting boot can make your legs thinner than they really are. Likewise, another little illusion can be created by a high boot that has thick fur or a band of sheepskin around the top of the shoe. This band of fur or sheepskin can make the rest of the leg thinner than it really is. Try the next time you are in a shoe store and try on a pair, then check your legs in the mirror.


Whether you are hooked to designer brand shoes for women or just the latest shoe trends, you should always have boots in your collection.

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