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The wooden cross is a symbol that has significant importance in Christianity. It is a representation of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. The symbol is also used to signify the hope and eternal life that Christians believe they can attain through their faith.

History and Evolution

The use of the cross as a religious symbol dates back to the early days of Christianity. However, the earliest depictions of the cross show it in a different form from the traditional Latin cross that is commonly used today. Instead, the cross was depicted as a simple, two-barred device called the stauros, which was used for executions in ancient Rome.

Over time, the design of the cross evolved, and it became more elaborate. By the fourth century, the cross had taken on the form of the Latin cross – a cross with a longer vertical bar and a shorter horizontal bar. This design eventually became the most common form of the cross and has remained so throughout much of Christian history.

The wooden cross is particularly significant because it is believed to be the material that was used to construct the cross on which Jesus was crucified. According to the Bible, Jesus was forced to carry his own cross to his crucifixion, and it was made of wood. This has led to the symbolic importance of the wooden cross in Christianity, and many churches and individuals use wooden crosses as a way of showing reverence and respect to Jesus.


Symbolism and Use

As a symbol, the wooden cross represents the sacrifice that Jesus made for humanity. It is a reminder of the suffering that he endured in order to redeem humanity from sin and death. The cross also symbolizes hope, as it represents the promise of eternal life that Christians believe is available to those who have faith in Jesus.

The wooden cross is used in many ways within the Christian faith. It is often displayed prominently in churches, either as a large free-standing structure or as a smaller wall-mounted or table-top version. It can also be used as a personal object of devotion or as a way of showing one’s faith to the world. Many Christians wear small wooden crosses around their necks or carry them in their pockets as a reminder of their faith.

Additionally, the wooden cross is often used in religious ceremonies and rituals. It is used in the sacrament of baptism as a symbol of the new life that a person is entering into through their faith in Jesus. The cross is also used in the sacrament of communion, where it represents the body of Christ that was broken for the salvation of humanity.


The wooden cross is a powerful symbol of the Christian faith. It represents both the sacrifice and the hope that are foundational to Christian belief. Whether used as a personal object of devotion or as a prominent feature in a church, the wooden cross serves as a reminder of the love and mercy of Jesus, and the promise of redemption and eternal life.

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