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Woodpeckers are the vast bird family, consisting of about 217 species worldwide. They are found throughout the Americas, Eurasia and Africa, with the largest number of species that are found in the tropics of the New World.

The red woodpecker is known for its fiery red head and black-and-white body. It lives mainly in the Midwest and on the East Coast of America, sometimes drifting in the west during the summer. It breeds the forests, gardens, parks, at the edges of forests and swamps.

White woodpecker lives mostly in mixed conifer forests in the western United States and British Columbia. Pine seeds are an staple part of the diet of woodpecker.


The acorn woodpecker that lives in the western forests along the United States coast and throughout Central America, devotes hours of their time to store thousands of acorns on the trees and telephone poles. These acorns are usually placed in the hole in the tree called the granary hole.

This average woodpecker lives mainly in the desert of the American Southwest and Mexico. It has a brown face and neck with a black and white back.

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