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Before one of the parties rushes to conclusions and starts pointing fingers out of fault, it would be wise to try to walk in the other person’s place. Workers are usually unaware of the pressures a boss is facing, such as changing business conditions, creating quotas, or having to complete projects on time and on budget. In this regard, senior management and clients can exert significant pressure. Likewise, the boss needs to be aware of the pressures an worker may be under to, such as overcoming technical problems, financial woes, illness, home problems, divorce, death or serious family accidents, or potential stress and divisions between employees in the workplace. If we are going to ask workers to be empathetic to the boss’s concerns, it’s reasonable to assume that the boss should be empathetic to the workers’ concerns.

As humans, we act according to our perceptions, right or wrong. First, let’s see how the boss perceives the workers:

The level of intelligence of the employee – the key to this is the boss’s perception of the employee’s ability to learn, grow and adapt. It is difficult to quantify with any precision. Instead, the boss looks at the worker’s ability to understand instructions, be attentive, and not make too many mistakes. If an employee wants to improve in this area, start by focusing more on getting instructions, asking questions (being curious), and taking the initiative to get the job done.


Worker’s output – Your quality and quantity of work are important to the boss as it is a reflection of your masterful work. Satisfied customers, fewer complaints, or returns are indicators that the boss constantly checks. Also, try to get to work early and do not rush to leave at night. That’s noticeable.

Sense of worker professionalism – in addition to skill, your boss evaluates your assessment in terms of how you behave in the workplace. Are you the kind of person who wants to do the work alone, or do you go to someone else? This says a lot about how people perceive you in the workplace. Another area is your physical appearance and general behavior. Do you dress appropriately to get the job done, or are you making the minimal effort? In terms of behavior, are you a company clown, or are you acting like a professional? In the eyes of your boss, your sense of professionalism determines whether you can be trusted to do the right thing.

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