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Feeling awed or surprised may cause your face to naturally take the “o” shape. If you make a sound when this happens, it naturally sounds like a wow. The first use of “wow” can be considered not a language at all, but merely a sound that a person makes in response to something shocking. Our face may also be the reason we say wow.

Say the word “wow” out loud. Now do it again, paying particular attention to what your mouth does. The only part of your mouth that moves is your lips, which should have a beautifully rounded shape.

“W” is one of the most effortless sounds for people. In human development, children can make “w” sounds before almost anyone else agrees. Sounds such as “t” or “s” require a finer articulation of the language, while you do not need a language to create the letter “w.” The way you actually wow is part of its story.

The natural exclamation mark is the one you do without thinking about it. When you stub your toe and shout, “oh,” you probably didn’t overthink about this sound. It just comes out. A study that looked at natural exclamations in different languages showed that there was something in common between them. The vowels that people use when they are disgusting, scared, or in pain are usually similar. There are many variables in the game, but there is enough evidence to show that natural exclamations are not entirely random.

If they are not random, how is natural exclamation permitted? From what your face does. The vowels you use are mostly determined by where your tongue is in your mouth. When you are disgusted, your mouth will remain mostly closed and will produce closed vowels (ee, eh, eww). If you are more shocked, you will open your mouth more, which will lead to more open vowels (ah, ah).

It is impossible to know when the first “wow” was said out loud. But a written record makes it easier to find the first “wow” recorded by people (of course, provided that the previously written “wow” is not lost).

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