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In the early 1990s, when the web page has become popular every web site was in the form of “www.domain.com”. WWW has become synonymous with the World Wide Web. Every time you see a text like “www.example.com” immediately knows that this is the web address. But is WWW mandatory for the address of the Web site?

The purpose of domains have a few easy-to-remember names. These names translate to IP-addresses, which are needed for communication over the Internet. Domains that we use them in Internet businesses are organized in a hierarchical naming system. We have a few common domain of the upper, such as COM, ORG, network domains of the country top level domains, such as US, UK, De (each country has its own top-level domain unique), as well as the specific top-level domains, such like mobi, aero, museum and more. Each of the top is a second-level domain name of the domain where you can have anything you want (of course, if they are not registered). Each domain name must be unique and not longer than 63 characters.


Without a domain name you cannot even access any website. Although its not mandatory to type WWW whenever you type any doamin name, every domain name use a redirection such as if you type pnglogo.com you will be redirected to www.pnglogo.com so this is where www use. If you own any domain name you have a choice to add www in the domain name or not.

With or without the WWW you can have a successful web site. It depends on you and your taste. If you decide to use a shorter and simpler version without the WWW you can still make it clear that this site is by typing “http://example.com”, and everyone will know that it is a web address.

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