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Approximately 18 years after the last game XCOM released, a new game in the series was released, and many companies have tried to capture the feeling of the original series, but lacked a certain something to make a true successor. Now, Firaxis has the right to XCOM universe and their latest release, Enemy Unknown, has made great strides in “turn-based strategy” genre.

The latest version lives up to the hype of his predecessors, and this reboot remains true to what makes XCOM…XCOM. You are given a lesson that brush up the game for both seasoned veterans and new players, and after a shortened keeps, you are thrown out in the game, to lead mankind to success or failure.

Do you have any reason to play, and perform in the style of ant farms, and the way they make the base and the game, you only need one. In older games, you had to have multiple databases to scan and deploy interceptor missiles in the world, but in this game you can deploy satellites and interceptors all over the world from the beginning and can be deployed. The base has a lot of opportunities to create, and you have to dig to open land for building construction.


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