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Xylophone is part of the many orchestra and instrumental groups. Its unique sound, relative rarity and appearance make it exciting for the listener. Xylophone is a close relative called the marimba. Both tools consist of wooden keys mounted on a wooden frame for a number of wooden frame called resonators. Hammering on wooden keys cause the effect to resonate through the tubes. Xylophone has a brittle metallic sound.


Xylophone and marimba differ in scale. Depending on the model, xylophone includes two to four octaves. Its highest note is the same as C-88 on the piano. Marimba covers two and a half to four and a half octaves of C-76 on the highest note. This means that the marimba is one octave lower than a xylophone. The music is written for a xylophone like instrument effects. It is rarely used to play solo with orchestra or ensemble. The sound of the xylophone is largely dependent on the player’s skill. The wrists are used to move the mallets smoothly up and down; palms face out.

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